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IPv4 Sales and Transfer Process

When you decide to sell IP addresses, You can rely on our team of professional representatives to take care of you. 

Our team of representatives fully manages the entire sale process. We arrange for secure payment, be the liaison between buyer, seller, and RIR during the transfer process, and we will address any concerns.

We guarantee a smooth and easy process when you sell your Ipv4 block. So if you have Ipv4 for sale, contact us as soon as possible. We are always up to date with the latest pricing information from the marketplace.

We invite you to speak with us for a quick consultation to learn your options.

Subnet report

We offer a detailed blacklist report and help you clean any blacklisted IPs. We also assist in removing BGP announcements, old route records, and DNS entries.

There are many unknowns when you decide to sell IP addresses. So our team will answer all of your questions and provide any further clarification on what you need!

Target price

To ensure you have the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your business, we provide you with a confidential Opinion of Value reflective of the top price a buyer might pay in today's market. For business owners in one of our market areas, there are no up-front costs for this service. 

Client Support

We assist throughout the IPv4 sales process and advocate every step of the way. As part of our comprehensive IPv4 sales offering, we work with you and the buyer to transfer and sell IPv4 subnets legally, safely, and efficiently.

We assist with all necessary documentation required by ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC.

IPv4 Sales and Transfer Process

Sell IPV4 Blocks IP Horizon IPv4 purchase agreements

IPv4 purchase agreements

The buyer sign the purchase agreements

Secure payment

The buyer makes a secure payment via escrow.com.

Sell IPV4 Blocks IP Horizon Secure payment
Sell IPV4 Blocks IP Horizon IPv4 transfer requests

IPv4 transfer requests

Both buyer and seller submit the IPv4 transfer requests.

Seller support documents

The seller presents any additional details, signs the RIR documents, and pays RIR fees if applicable

Sell IPV4 Blocks IP Horizon Seller support documents
Sell IPV4 Blocks RIR verification

RIR verification

RIR will verify the seller and reviews the IPv4 transfer request.

IPv4 transfer approval

RIR approves the transfer and updates Whois with the buyer’s details.

Sell IPV4 Blocks IP Horizon IPv4 transfer approval
Sell IPV4 Blocks IP Horizon Funds Released to Seller

Funds Released to Seller

Why Choose Us
A choice that makes the difference


IP Horizon Registered Transfer Facilitator/Broker at APNIC and RIPE. We work with full transparency and in accordance with the concerned IR’s policy.


A Purchase Agreement is established between the parties, utilizing only Escrow.com as the secure payment mechanism.


Our prices are competitive and fair. We offer one of the most cost-efficient prices on the market. The provided prices are final without any hidden fees.


We do extensive background checks and qualify each company before selling IPv4 to ensure that every transaction is safe and secure. We clean the IPv4 addresses before listing them for sale.


We are clear from the initial proposal, We begin to sign the purchase agreement that includes the block transfer process and price and we commit to completing the transfer within the stipulated time.