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We here at IP Horizon use a special blacklist software that cross-references multiple known blacklists to make sure it is clean. You can get a complimentary check on any of your IPv4 blocks. Check any block from /24 up to /16.

Check blacklists

The results will be sent to you within 48 hours


Is your IPv4 address subnet blacklisted?

When you decides to sell IP addresses, You can rely on our team of professional representatives to take care of you. 

We offer a detailed blacklist report and will, of course, help you clean any blacklisted IPs.

Our team of representatives fully manages the entire sale process. We arrange for secure payment, be the liaison between buyer, seller, and RIR during the transfer process, and we will address any concerns.

Sale details

1- IPv4 purchase agreements

Both the seller and buyer signs the purchase agreements

3 days

2- Secure payment

The buyer makes  a security deposit with escrow.com

3 days

3- IPv4 transfer requests

Both buyer and seller submits the IPv4 transfer requests

3 days

4- Seller support documents

The seller submits any additional details, signs the RIR documents, and pays RIR fees, if applicable

3 days

5- RIR verification

RIR verifies the seller and reviews the IPv4 transfer request

10 days

6- Transfer approval

RIR approves the transfer and updates Whois with the buyer’s details

24 hours

Escrwo.com release funds to the seller the same day the IPv4 transfer completes.

We try to make every step of the process as transparent and seamless as possible during the transfer period of two to three weeks from start to finish. Let us take a look at the steps done in our fully managed IPv4 block transfer process.

Selling IPv4 process