IPv4 blocks prices

According to historical projections, IPv6 should have replaced IPv4 by now. That hasn’t happened yet. Once IPv6 catches up to IPv4, we should see IPv4 sale markets stabilizing. However, sale prices are in an upward motion. But the situation will change quickly, especially with the decision of some countries such as China to accelerate IPv6 adoption. so selling IPv4 resources is the best option naw.


What do you need to consider when determining the selling price?


  • Supply and demand

  • The size of the block

  • Block reputation

  • Type of Address Space

  • Registration country

  • ​Regional Internet registry

Contact us and we will discuss every detail and match your target price. contact@iphorizon.no

Pricing Strategy


We provide a report on the current status of the block, including the block level in the blacklists, and If the block is transportable according to the RIR policy and will check if there are any objects that should be removed.


We give advice and recommendations if any problems should solve to reach the highest price.


We will discuss with you the target price according to the current market price and block status.


We will provide a quote without any commission or other fees and provide you with the transfer details step by step with the time needed to complete the transfer.

Contact us and we will discuss every detail and match your target price. contact@iphorizon.no