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The professional team at IP Horizon has been involved with IPv4 and IPv6 global connectivity for multiple years. We have access to clean IPv4 subnets from data centers, network operators, hosting providers, internet service providers, managed service providers, and enterprises through our suppliers.

With our vast experience in the ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC regions, you can be sure that our representatives will handle your case with care. We do our best to provide our clients with clean IPv4 subnets for their global routing requirements. 

We do extensive background checks and qualify each company before selling IPv4 to ensure that every transaction is safe and secure every time a client buys IPv4 address subnets. We also make every effort to ensure that the IP addresses are clean before adding them to our easy-to-use marketplace.

When purchasing IPv4 address blocks, it requires a little understanding of how to navigate your regional internet registries (RIR) guidelines safely

Our team is skilled in understanding the requirements to buy IPv4 blocks and transfer them in every region safely. When IP Horizon has your back, you can feel confident when purchasing IPv4 using our secure marketplace

Purchasing details

1- IPv4 purchase agreements

The buyer and seller sign the purchase agreements

3 days

2- Secure payment

The buyer makes a secure payment via escrow.com.


3- IPv4 transfer requests

Both buyer and seller submit the IPv4 transfer requests.

3 days

4- Seller support documents

The seller presents any additional details, signs the RIR documents, and pays RIR fees if applicable

3 days

5- RIR verification

RIR will verify the seller and reviews the IPv4 transfer request.

10 days

6- IPv4 transfer approval

RIR approves the transfer and updates Whois with the buyer’s details.

24 hours

Not everyone has transferred or purchased IPv4 address blocks before, and the process can be a little overwhelming and complicated. That is why our professional representatives are standing ready to provide helpful guides and fully manage the entire IPv4 block transfer process.

Let us take a look at the steps done in our fully managed IPv4 block transfer process.

Purchasing IPv4 process